How do we prepare for the test?


The GRE starts off with two separate essays that must be written over the course of an hour. These essays involve the analysis of an argument or an issue, and require a subtle and carefully written response in order to receive full points. At, instructors stand ready to review your essays, and provide comments in either plain text or video to help you refine your writing and learn how to stand out from the crowd, not only on the GRE, but throughout your writing career.



During the exam, you’ll encounter at least two sections that test your verbal skills, with the second section varying in difficulty depending on your performance during the initial section. Vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension are tested thoroughly, with rarely known and utilized known words even for native speakers appearing regularly throughout these sections. On, all of the question types are covered in a range of difficulties, allowing you to carefully build up your vocabulary, and gain a more sophisticated understanding of the vocabulary with which you might already be somewhat familiar.



Finally, the GRE consists of at least two Quantitative sections during which you will have access to a calculator. Math throughout your years of studies will appear in this exam, with some direct calculations required. On, individual questions can be solved to help you drill and improve your math skills in very specific areas, or simulated exams can be attended to help with time management and ensure that every question can be answered with adequate time remaining for subsequent questions.