Each of our Buffet sites shares the following features:

1. Instructional Video

Videos from our team of instructors guide you through the various question types you’re likely to encounter on the exams, or provide you with remedial, complete coverage of the skills you will need to perform well come test day.

2. Questions

Each site contains over 2000 questions for their respective exams. Using an intuitive question selection and sorting system, you can easily choose to solve questions corresponding to the minutely specific portions of the exams you want, resolve the same specific questions again, or randomly select questions of any type on the exam you so desire.

3. Simulated Examinations

In addition to being able to solve any number of questions from our massive sets, each site comes equipped with a Simulated Exam corresponding to the test associated with the site.

4. Storage Box

Every question you come across, be it encountered in a simulation or not, can be flagged for later review, and found in the storage box. Even question not flagged can be found in your Question History as well, along with all your previously submitted essays, audio files, and simulated exams; everything is carefully tracked and organized to minimize the time you spend organizing your study routine.

5. Question Corner

Each site is equipped with a community forum where you can post any questions, concerns or feedback about questions you encountered on our site, and potentially learn tips and tricks from our qualified instructors on how to improve your score and achieve more in less time.

6. Performance Review

Want to see if your study method is having an effect? On every site, graphs detailing the statistics behind your studies are available, allowing you to potentially pinpoint areas where your studies have been insufficient, or where you no longer need to devote that most scarce of resources: time.

7. Essay/Audio/Diagnostic Test Grading Credit System

Most standardized exams today come with a Writing or Speaking section, and on our sites we are prepared to store your essays and audio files for later review. At you discretion, our teachers will even grade your Essays and Audio files with comments, or through full video grading, explaining in a more personal manner the reason behind the grade you received.

To facilitate this system, a credit system has been implemented to allow you to purchase and hold credits that represent the number of grading requests available to you.

8. Essay/Audio Samples

In addition to storing and grading your essays, most sites also include numerous sample essays with various grades?primarily the highest ones?that you can peruse at will with any membership level.

9. Personalized Lessons

For those eager to improve the quickest, or in need of the discipline that can only be provided by a personal, teacher-student relationship, lessons are available on any topic regarding the examination of the Buffet, and a scheduling system is available to help you select when you’d like to meet one of our teachers on Skype.

10. Motivational Newsletters

For all of our students, we know it can be hard to keep up with your studies day after day before a big exam. To all of our users, we send newsletters with weekly material to help you keep up a at least a minimum level of study, with fresh content to entice you to continue to pursue your educational goals and dreams.