The revised GRE is similar to the SAT examination, but tests students at a higher level to verify that key concepts from high school and lower level tertiary classes remains fresh in prospective graduate student’s minds. Test-takers are expected to have a high command over all mathematics below the level of derivative calculus and limits, while also displaying an advanced ability to understand English grammar and vocabulary. The exam is used primarily accepted by graduate schools and some business schools in North America, but is accepted at many institutions around the world. The exam takes about 3 hours and forty-five minutes, with some variation depending on the number of experimental unscored sections offered during the exam. The cost to take the exam is around $200, making it expensive to repeatedly take the exam in an attempt to improve one’s score. provides a way to minimize the number of attempts needed, however, and students there have access to the full range of tools and resources needed to be ready come test day.